Ana María Gargallo Cruz

Specialised in Family Law

Personalised and specialised care

Inmediate and personalised care by means of closed and professional relationship

Compromise and responsibility in the management of all your requests, with a complete dedication in order to defend your interests as well as possible

Vocation and enthusiasm in dealing with subjects which, by their nature, require specialised knowledge and approach.

Follow up of the process with empathy and support for dealing with problems that have personal connotation and highly emotional burden.
And paying special attention to children affected by these procedures, defending their interests and welfare

More than twenty years of professional and specialization experience.
Dedicated and continuous education. Wide knowledge and expertise processing any kind of topics related with family law.

Fees clearly detailed before starting any action. Payment plans available



- Divorce, separation, annulment, breakup in steady relationship
- Provisional measures, execution of resolutions, modification of measures
- Controversy over the exercise of parental authority
- Opposition to the resolutions of the DGAIA
- Claim and refute of paternity and filiation
- Competency or guardian processes
- Advice on the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements, wills, etc

Regular collaboration with experts in other areas (criminal law, tax law, ...) in order to provide complete customer support

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Diputació, 321, 4 1
08009 - Barcelona

Customer Reviews

"I think she is a great professional. I trusted in since the beginning. She detailed all the steps of the process and I felt well defended and supported every time”

"One time process is finished, I would like to say my satisfaction with her big job, involvement and professionality shown during this time”

"I am really grateful with her careful job and, of course, with her treatment. I felt personally supported in those moments so difficult“

"I needed her services several times and she has always provided perfectly. I want to emphasize her effort and support. For me, recommended 100% 


Diputació, 321, 4 1
08009 Barcelona

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